‘Meaningful human control’ should ground moral choices re automated driving

oktober 17, 2016

Results DAVI-colloquia Ethics: Responsible Driving Automation

People should always maintain control over the behavior of the system. That remarkable advice is the outcome of a series of expert seminars on ethical choices around self-driving vehicles, which took place     earlier this year at Connekt within the scope of the Knowledge Agenda Self-driving Vehicles and DAVI (Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative). The report, commissioned by the Department of Public Works and Water Management and published by TU Delft, includes recommendations for the introduction of self-driving vehicles in the Netherlands.

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TNO shows EU transport minister automated and cooperative driving during the Experience!

april 15, 2016

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 April, European transport and environment ministers met informally in Amsterdam to discuss “smart and green solutions for mobility”. The topics over the two days included innovative mobility and selfdriving vehicles, the future of mobility, aviation and shipping, and what is required to make these sectors smarter and more sustainable.

April 14 the European transport ministers were driven through Amsterdam in self-driving and highly automated vehicles that have been made available for this occasion under an exemption permitting them to drive on public roads. Some 20 cars were involved, made by: Volvo, BMW, Daimler, Audi, Jaguar, Landrover, Tesla, Renault, Peugeot/Citroen (PSA), Vedecom (FR) and the TNO/Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI). You read more information on the demonstration in this press release.

DAVI paper Best of the rest at ITS World Bordeaux

april 15, 2016

The DAVI paper “Deployment of advanced driver assistance systems in Europe”, written  by Riender Happee, Technical University Delft was voted “Best of the Rest” at the ITS World Congress Bordeaux. The highest scoring papers from each country were re‐examined by each ITS National Association that took part and the top Technical and Scientific papers, the “Best of the Rest”. Please see https://proceedings.itsworldcongress.com/bestpapers for the full list of awarded papers!

GCDC 2016

februari 24, 2016

In May 2016 the Brainport Region in the Netherlands can prepare itself for an international event in the field of cooperative driving: GCDC 2016. The Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) is one of the highlights of the i-GAME project, a European research project, supported by the European Commission, in which the next step towards the cooperative automation of vehicles.
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Minister Schultz van Haegen launches test phase of WEpod self-driving vehicles

januari 28, 2016

The self-driving vehicle, WEpod, will be driving on the campus of Wageningen University. If this test phase is successful, the route will be gradually expanded along the Food Innovation Strip, to the Ede-Wageningen intercity railway station. Gelderland is thus the first region where driverless vehicles will be driving on public roads amidst other traffic for an extended period of time.

On 28 January, Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and the Environment) will launch the WEpod test phase. In addition to developing the technology in and around the vehicle itself, issues related to certification, insurance, liability, human behaviour, legislation, and road management and design will also be examined during the test phase. Educational institutions, companies and authorities will be collaborating in a number of areas to develop this knowledge.

The province of Gelderland, initiator of the pilot, is showing in this way that serious work will be done to achieve its goals for a new kind of mobility that is flexible, sustainable and socially responsible. Member of the Provincial Executive Conny Bieze: ‘People will always want to travel. It is only the way in which they travel that will change. This is certain. With this pilot, we can help shape the future. This initiative will contribute to the emergence of new forms of public transport. This innovative approach is seamlessly in line with the ambitions of the innovative FoodValley Region.’

Minister Schultz: ‘With the WEpod, we are entering a completely new stage of the voyage of discovery that the Netherlands embarked on with the aim of making transport more flexible, safer and cleaner. With this project we are taking new steps towards making self-driving transport a reality in practice. It is only through practical testing that we can acquire new knowledge, not just technical knowledge, but also knowledge regarding safety, liability and privacy. Moreover, this initiative opens up new economic opportunities for our automotive sector.’

DAVI Partner meet and greet and network drink

december 18, 2015

On behalf of the Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI) I would like to invite you to a meet and greet of DAVI partners. The development and activities in the field of automated driving are going quickly and it will also be a an important element of the Dutch EU presidency the first half of 2016. A good time to share information between partners: what are you working on, how do you see the next steps for the development of automated vehicles, and what are your New Year’s resolutions?

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