Marina Van Weele Geen reacties

In May 2016 the Brainport Region in the Netherlands can prepare itself for an international event in the field of cooperative driving: GCDC 2016. The Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) is one of the highlights of the i-GAME project, a European research project, supported by the European Commission, in which the next step towards the cooperative automation of vehicles.

The GCDC 2016 is an innovative and competitive demonstration taking place on the A270 highway between Helmond and Eindhoven, in which 10-15 teams compete with each other. The demonstration is a combination of vehicle automation (making it self-driving) and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

The i-GAME research project and the GCDC 2016 take cooperative automation of vehicles to the next level and help speeding-up real-life implementation. The underlying goal is to boost traffic safety and traffic flow and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

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