DAVI presented at GeoBuzz

december 2, 2015

In the future high quality maps will be important for the development of self driving vehicles. To make the connection with knowledge in this field DAVI was presented at the GeoBuzz conference. More information on: geobuzz.nl


WEpods project

april 17, 2015

The province of Gelderland in the Netherlands, is realising a pilot with two selfdriving vehicles (with no steering wheel nor pedals) in the FoodValley region between Ede/Wageningen railway station and Wageningen University & Research centre (WUR) and on the WUR campus. The so called WEpods vehicles have a hospitality function for (foreign) guests of the WUR. With this pilot the province of Gelderland substantiates its ambitions for new, flexible, sustainable and social mobility.

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DAVI event on automated vehicles

september 8, 2014

Op donderdag 2 oktober organiseerde het Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI) in samenwerking met het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu en AutomotiveNL een event on automated vehicles bij Connekt. Het – meer dan honderd personen tellende – publiek bestond onder andere uit vertegenwoordigers van de overheid, technische universiteiten, hogescholen, de Nederlandse automotive industrie en verzekeraars.

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Lots of media attention for DAVI

januari 9, 2014

The first test drive of DAVI has had a lot of media attention, as well in news papers as on television. Here the highlights:

Also after the Innovation Relay, DAVI has been in the media:

Nu.nl “Next year untrained drivers in selfdriving car”



Minister Schultz in DAVI demonstration

januari 9, 2014

On the Innovation-Relay in  Amsterdam  the first public test with the DAVI has become a success. Minister of infrastructure and environment Schulz van Haegen joined the DAVI researches in a test drive on the A10 where a overtaking maneuver was performed.

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