TU Delft DIES on robotics January 8

december 18, 2015

We are going to live in a world full of highly intelligent machines. How will we relate to these robots? Are they intelligent tools, or do we collaborate with these machines as equals? And how can we adequately control machines with self-learning capabilities? On the occasion of this year’s TU Delft foundation day celebration, we will explore the underlying communication and control principles. The speakers will address machine intelligence, human-machine interaction, and collaboration.

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Successful WEpods masterclass

december 2, 2015

Tuesday November 24, WEpods was presented in a masterclass in Apeldoorn. Different representatives of governments and companies discussed the project: regulation, the future of public transport, the role of the road authority and the story of the WEpod. With short interactive sessions the in’s and out’s of the project were discussed. More info on: www.wepods.nl